Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Poor SHE

There's a very famous song from 70's era in which the female character keeps on saying 'Mai maike chali jaungi..tum dekhte rahiyo'. Her male counterpart tries to convince her to not leave him and ,hence, not go to the 'maika'. But she still insists on leaving him. With no other choice left, the male character threatens her by saying, "Tum maike chali jayogi mai dooja byaah rachaunga". Scared, the female succumbs and brushes away her idea of going to the 'maeka' by saying, "Tum meri sautan layoge to maeke nhi jaungi. Mai saaton janam nibhaungi par maike nhi jaungi".  
Listening to this song made me feel pity for 'HER'. At the end, she was the one who had to look down, she was the one who had to be submissive, and she was the one who had to let go of her ego because she was 'SHE'. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

From an Aficionado

Dear Mr Prime Minister

I still remember that time when, 18 months back, you were confidently appealing to your nation to vote for you. You had invoked the citizens of your country to help you build a strong government which can take firm decisions for this nation. You had so defiantly brushed away your opponent as a 'Burden on India', 'Harbingers of Corruption', and a 'Hindrance to Development'. You had assured us that you will run a corruption free, clean, justice providing, development oriented, and an unbiased government. I was really impressed and without giving a second thought, I had voted for your party. I was 21 then. Sir, 18 months have passed now, and I don't deny some of the best decisions you have taken. You have come out as a very strong leader indeed. Some of the initiatives, programs and campaigns you have come up with are commendable. You deserve an applause for 'Make in India', 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', creation of NITI Ayog, 'Building Toilet' campaign, FDI(First Develop India), economic reforms, pushing tourism development, and your impeccable foreign tours.

You don't know but you have become my hero since a past few months. Every time I see you on TV and newspapers, my hopes of seeing this third world of ours as a better place rise exponentially. And it's not my fault. You have portrayed yourself as a magician to me. I have come to believe that you have a solution to every damn problem India is facing today. And since I have been trusting you blindly for all these 18 months, I feel this urge to write to you every time I sense something wrong happening in this nation.

  1. Talk about this recent acquittal of Salman Khan - I heard about just today - to start with. For heaven's sake sir, he is a cold blooded murderer. Whole India knows that, I know that, the lawyer who defended him knows that, the judge who acquitted him knows that, the people he destroyed know that, and even you know that sir. But Salman is still free today because there was no evidence to prove his sin. If he wasn't driving the car nor was his driver, then who was driving it? Perhaps the victims were driving it and they pulled themselves out of it to lie down as soon as the footpath arrived. And you promised us equality irrespective of income status!
  2. Every now and then, a girl is getting raped. She is been thrown acid at. She is still being denied justice. That heinous, so called juvenile will be free in some days. How can you be so adamant and not feel the pain of Nirbhaya’s mother? You promised to make sure that all unwanted laws are relinquished. This law will only encourage fearlessness in the hearts of potential criminals. A woman still can't walk without fear during the dark hours. When will a girl be able to roam around as freely as a boy on the streets of this nation? I hope that day comes sooner sir for you are the PM now.
  3. I can still see children begging around on streets. This divide between rich and poor is really not acceptable. Where a Shahrukh khan movie makes 300 crores and somewhere a child dies of hunger. Where billions are invested in a big fat Indian wedding, and somewhere a photographer is found clicking a pair of poor siblings for his next exhibition. I am well aware of the CBDT but again, where is all this money going?
  4. I still hear about Army men being murdered brutally. I feel scared for every family whose dear ones are serving in defence forces. When will this stop sir? Why do we let artists from Pakistan earn from our country? When will we stop embracing Pak in order to get stabbed again. I live with this uncanny fear you will never understand. I can vouch for your craftsmanship but then, all this is still happening at the borders.
I might be expecting much from you in this short span of 18 months but then, who else should I share my plight with?

From an aficionado!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Humanity isn't dead as yet

I have seen and heard much about estranged men throwing acid on their girl friends' faces. I have seen boys' families rejecting girls for not being very beautiful and hence void for marriage. I have seen boys flirting with random girls to end up being serious with no one. I have seen mother-in-laws burning their 'son's wives'(I am not using DAUGHTER-in-law word because a mother can never do that with her daughter) for not bringing in satiating dowry. I have seen people forcing a woman to abort her unborn daughter. I have heard about girls getting raped. I come across this kind of news everyday. But rarely do I get to know that men like this guy in the picture exist as well.

I mean, see the contrast! It's easy to throw acid on a girl's face but marrying a girl with a burned face is NOT EASY. This man named Alok Dixit has dared to do so. He fell in love with Laxmi and decided to marry her. And watching their adorable daughter Pihu is a feast to eyes. This guy has proved true the fact that love is beyond looks.This rarest of rare instance of humanity shown by Alok has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. This has made me believe that humanity isn't dead as yet!